We know as to open shop and to make it successful.

  • help in shop opening.
  • organization of wholesale purchases of clothes and footwear.
  • individual orders in show-rooms.
  • visit of the international exhibitions in Italy.
  • providing logistics and goods transportation.
  • direct deliveries of clothes and footwear from factories of Italy.
  • help in opening visa business.
  • maintenance of accommodation, transfer, support, translation service

If so, Kovalsky can be your trusted guide to international clothing and footwear shows. Kovalsky will also help you to place a wholesale purchase order at the international footwear show MICAM, as well as at the designer clothing showrooms in Italy.

Leaning on our vast experience in the industry, we offer professional assistance in opening new stores that specialize in Italian clothing and footwear worldwide. Our goal is to accurately and efficiently present you with all of the relevant information on the status of your order, and we will tackle any issues that need to be resolved while working with factories.

Through Kovalsky’s services, you are able to not only order and purchase premade products, but also to add your preferred features to clothing, footwear, and accessories. We will control the process from beginning to end, until your desired result has been achieved.

Our partners will prepare a presentation of your store for Italian showrooms during the sales process, enabling you to consummate an agreement to become the official and exclusive retailer of a particular brand in your city.

We will handle any legal issues, customs regulations, and other questions that must be answered in Italy. Our partnership with leading shipping companies will ensure delivery and customs clearance under the most favorable tariffs in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries.

Over the course of centuries, Italy and France have fought to become leaders in the world of fashion. Clothing and footwear produced in the factories of world-renowned Italian brands will enhance the wardrobe of any contemporary lady. Likewise, a stylishly dressed gentleman will draw the attention of the beautiful ladies around him. The American artist Barnett Newman once said that women’s clothing is like art, while men’s clothing is like sculpture; that description fits Italian fashion to a T.

Every year, thousands of tourists descend upon Milan not only to visit its landmarks, but also to shop at the city’s famous boutiques, which feature the latest collections from local designers. Many tour operators now offer shop-tours of Milan and the city of Rimini, where you can find outlets and bargains on Italian apparel. Clothing, footwear, accessories, fabrics, lingerie, fur—you’ll find all that and more, of the highest quality and tailored to fit your tastes, when you visit Italy’s stores.

The British author Oscar Wilde, one of the greatest literary figures of the 19 th Century, called fashion such an intolerable variety of hideousness that it must be changed at least twice a year. And even if you chuckled at the first half of that statement, you can’t argue with the second.

Shopping has long been an essential part of any vacation, but for Kovalsky, your shopping experience means much more than that. In the modern world, people pay special attention to their colleagues’ clothes, footwear, and accessories—the items that define a person’s style. Fashion can be purchased, but style is innately developed.

Around the world, new stores are opening and immediately competing with each other for the opportunity to be the official merchant of a particular brand. If you believe in the anonymous adage, a dress is more important than ones wife because there are plenty of places one can go without his wife.

For more than 15 years, Kovalsky has bolstered the availability of prestigious Italian fashions in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries in the region. Over the past few years, we’ve also begun to form partnerships with merchants in European countries—such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland—as well as with the United States, Canada, and China.

Our partners speak numerous languages—including Russian, Italian, English, and others—which means that we can work directly with clients around the world without needing to overcome a language barrier.

If you’d like to feel as comfortable in the world of Italian fashion as a fish in the sea, and if you are the owner of a store or plan to open one in the near future, then a partnership with Kovalsky will undoubtedly provide tremendous benefits to your business. We are happy to take on whatever organizational challenges you face, help you analyze market trends, and make you aware of the necessities for success in the fashion industry.

Kovalsky will also assist you in planning whatever trips are necessary to create the partnerships that will fuel your business. Our partners will set up an optimal travel schedule, pick you up at the airport, provide accommodations at hotels in Italian cities, and ensure that both you and your freight have comfortable arrangements en route to your destination.

Our clients and translators will accompany you at factories and expositions, where you will be able to hold negotiations and directly form partnerships with the companies and showrooms at the forefront of the fashion world.

High-quality clothes, footwear, fabrics, accessories, leather, fur—in other words, everything that makes Italian fashion the world’s finest—can be purchased in Italy at wholesale prices. The most important thing is to know the best times and places to do so.

Over the past 15 years, Kovalsky has brilliantly advertised itself on the import and export markets of clothing, footwear, and accessories from elite brands. Our greatest successes are reliable, established businesses with trustworthy partners around the world. We will inform you when new collections become available in showrooms, and will organize a shopping tour that includes visits to expositions of clothing, footwear, furs, and accessories in Milan. We closely follow the latest trends in the industry, and are able to rapidly analyze data to bring you the most up to date information from fashion shows.

Shopping tours have been popular for many years as a unique form of tourism. The goal is to provide visitors with the opportunity to purchase a variety of products from a given country. Of course, when one decides to go on a shopping tour of Italy, they not only want to meet local producers, but also to purchase high-quality clothes and footwear from certain brands. A shopping tour is unique in that it combines pleasure with productivity, enabling you to relax while making successful purchases.

At your request, Kovalsky will craft an individualized shopping tour, during which you will visit expositions, factories, and outlets, as well as have the opportunity to form partnerships or purchase desired products. A group shopping tour typically follows a traditional program that includes visits to Rimini, San Marino, Milan, Bologna, and other cities that are home to the most popular factories and outlets; these arrangements follow the wishes of whole group and are agreed upon before the tour begins. But before you choose your shop tour, be sure to schedule a consultation with Kovalsky, as we can help tailor the visit to best fit your needs.

A shopping tour can be a terrific gift for any lady, since they are typically more drawn to making purchases than their spouses. But shopping tours can be both interesting and beneficial for gentlemen as well.

Kovalsky’s shopping tours provide you with the opportunity to purchase high-quality clothing and footwear at wholesale prices. Significant bargains, favorable contracts, and opportunities for future partnerships can all be found and forged through our tours.

With us, you’ll visit collections in San Marino, such as Arca International, San Marino Factory Outlet, and General Trade. There, you’ll find everything you could possibly need from Italy’s best brands, including Guess, Missoni, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Iceberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, and others. Our clients are offered some of the steepest discounts available, and each collection will impress you with an excellent selection of clothing.

In the historic center of San Marino, a huge selection of accessories, frames and fashion jewelry awaits you. In Rimini, we’ll take you to the footwear outlets of Roberto Cavalli, Giuseppe Zanotti, Baldinini, Fratesi, Mario Bologna, Pollini; likewise, Valentino offers a huge selection of purses.

Kovalsky can help you arrange shopping tours for individuals and groups alike. Cities like Florence, Milan, Bologna, and others are teeming with outlets where you will surely find products that meet your needs.

Kovalsky partners with leading members of the fashion industry—factories, stores, and shipping companies in Italy—to provide you with the best service possible. One of the greatest perks of working with Kovalsky is a hotline with a personal account manager who can your questions and assist with negotiations between clients and vendors.

Our office is located in San Marino, just 10 miles from the airport in Rimini—the commercial, business and financial center.

If you want to open a store with clothes and footwear from Italy, order products from specific brand names, attract new clients, and organize shipments from Italy to your city, contact us right now!

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